Special Interest Tours



Every Culture says “children are our Future”. For this very reason, student groups are very serious business for us. The more they experience, the more they learn, the more they learn the brighter their future is. Our Student tours are a fun way to learn & expand your students horizons. Our student groups encompass many different facets.

Learning history by living it – Expanding Scientific horizons by visiting various advanced factories, laboratories, museums etc. – Getting inspired by meeting great personalities from their fields



Europe is dotted with religious sites of global importance. May it be Fatima in Portugal, Lourdes in France, The Vatican or the many lesser known spots. Spirituality has been part of European history & culture. Our Religious itineraries will cover the most important sites of Europe.

We also have experience with spiritual tours & seminars of different Religions & cultures from all over the world!



Europe has always been on the cutting edge of technology since the industrial revolution. Spread all over Europe are Industries which drive the technological revolution even today.

May it be Boeing in Toulousse in France, or Ferrari in Modena or CERN in Geneva, the car factories in Germany, there is something for everyone.